Totalcar – Magazine – Delta is once again on Lancia’s plans

Luca Napolitano, who runs the Lancia brand, confirmed to Corriere Della Serra that there will be a new Delta.

As the expert put it, everyone wants to see the Delta again, so it just can’t be missing from the plans. However, he also said there are more urgent tasks than resuscitating the Delta. Such is the replacement of the current only Lancia model, the Ypsilon, as this model is also ten years old this year. The production of the gearbox is still promised only by 2024, which is understandable, since before the Stellantis was formed, the Lancia brand had no future, and therefore the developments stopped, so everything has to start from scratch.

At the same time, it looks like Ypsilon could be the successor to the last Lancia internal combustion engines, after which all electric vehicles are planned to be introduced. Napolitano did not talk about specific detailed solutions related to distant plans, but speculation about Delta has already begun. According to them, STLA Medium floorboard would be suitable for its design from the standard solutions of Stellantis. So far, so much has been leaked that electric cars with a range of up to 700 km can be built on it, with front, rear or all-wheel drive, and 170-245 hp electric motors – even more.

The plan to relaunch Lancia is also closely linked to the Alfa Romeo and DS brands: it is said that the three brands will appear together in Stellantis’ international dealer network.