Totalcar – Magazine – Do you know how many Trabants are in circulation in Hungary? And an old Rolls-Royce?

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Since the mid-2000s, the average age of the Hungarian car fleet has been gradually increasing. The best results were achieved in 2006 and 2007, when the average age of the car fleet was just over 10.3 years. However, a decade later – in 2017 – he was over fourteen years old. The latest data is from 2021, when Hungarian cars were 15 years old. (The data for 2022 will only be made public later.) Totalcar asked the KSH for detailed data on how the 15-year average is compiled, i.e. in which age group, how many and what brand of car it belongs to, the results speak for themselves.

Before last year, there were officially just over 4 million (4,020,159 units) cars in circulation. The proportion of children under the age of five was 16 percent, i.e. 644 thousand people belonged to this group. In the next group are the 6-15 year olds, this is simply true for every third car, as it is a group of 1.4 million. The oldest category, over 16, is the most populous, with almost 2 million, they account for 48 percent of the entire fleet.

Brands, ages

This is the big picture, but the breakdown by brands is really interesting. In the league of under-5s, Suzuki is the leader, Toyota is second, and Skoda is third. The top 10 also includes Opel, Ford, VW, Dacia, Kia, Renault and Mercedes.

Brand Number of 0-5 year old cars (units)
Suzuki 73 812
Toyota 60 614
Skoda 56 234
Opel 49 830
Ford 48 568
VW 46 151
Dacia 37 836
Come on 34 784
Mercedes 27 717
Renault 26 491

For 6-15-year-olds, Opel takes first place, followed by Ford and VW, and Suzuki is fourth in this category. The composition of the top 10 in this age group changes to the extent that BMW, Audi and Peugeot have entered, while Dacia, Mercedes and Renault have dropped out.

Brand Number of 6 – 15-year-old cars (units)
Opel 162 912
Ford 152 994
VW 124 612
Suzuki 103 384
Toyota 88 663
Skoda 81 818
Renault 69 426
BMW 53 308
Audi 50 760
Peugeot 50 206

Among the oldest, Opel also plays the leading role with nearly 283,000 cars. Suzuki is in second place with a quarter of a million, and Volkswagen is in third place with 221,000. In addition, there are more than 100,000 Renaults older than 16 years in circulation. Toyota, Peugeot, Skoda, Fiat and Audi remain below 100,000.

Brand Number of cars older than 16 years (units)
Opel 281 862
Suzuki 250 588
VW 220 821
Ford 127 708
Renault 124 225
Toyota 88 731
Peugeot 83 963
Skoda 83 446
Fiat 73 023
Audi 64 290

The detailed data of those over 16 shows that, for example, more than 9,000 Trabants and almost 4,200 Wartburgs are registered. In addition, 105 Rolls-Royces of this age add color to the palette.

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