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Totalcar – Magazine – Here’s an electric car you can even charge your axle in your bedroom

by archyw

Every week you get a small company looking to make an electric car that would save on electric cars, but the German Advanced City Mobility (ACM) also offers at least something original in addition to its moped prototype: removable batteries and its own rolling suitcase to carry the power outlet and car between.

AMC’s tactics are understandable: they are trying to stand out from the startups trying to make a lot of electric cars by partially solving a problem that is one of the basic problems of electric cars. The company, more specifically its moped car, City One, is aimed at users who, for some reason, have no way to park their car near a charger at home.

According to the German company, the fast charging network will not be able to keep up with the spread of electric cars, so they are trying to make charging at home easy for those who say on the street but are definitely forced to keep their car away from sockets. In big cities, it’s true for most motorists that charging at home is unsolvable for them, which is why they think it’s a good idea at AMC for a customer to take their car batteries home. For this, they also offer a special rolling suitcase, which can be used to pair axles with a capacity of 10.5 kilograms and a capacity of 2.5 kWh each between a socket and a car.

In addition to the four removable batteries, the City One has a built-in basic battery pack. It is 20 kWh and has a range of two hundred kilometers with an alleged consumption of 10 kWh / 100 kilometers. This, in turn, can only be charged via cable. The four removable axles could add a total of another 100 kilometers to this range, and if that weren’t enough, AMC would even offer a roof box battery storage where two more removable axles could be packed to gain another 50 kilometers.

The size of the small moped is only 3.6 meters, but due to its box design it can be used quite well for city transport: behind the front seats, a standard EUR pallet can still fit. In addition, of course, AMC would like to find car dealerships as well as taxi companies – because of the quick-change batteries, they could be on the road all day in the city with a well-organized supply support. The company is now there waiting for investors and customers, while constantly making improvements so that in 2023 a series of series production can begin. Incidentally, the starting price is set at 15 thousand euros (5.2 million forints), but this presumably does not include interchangeable accessories or the roof box.


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