Totalcar – Magazine – Is the new Suzuki Swift also being made a leisure car?

Suzuki has just revamped the Swift, but it’s already been heard of the successor. According to rumors, the successor model may be introduced as early as 2022, but more versions are expected later.

The Swift is expected to change little from a technical point of view: it will reportedly be based on the same platform called Heartact as the current model. Most cosmetic changes are expected, though it wouldn’t be surprising to increase the size of the car somewhat.

The really interesting news is that after the Sport expected in 2023, a Swift Cross version could also be completed by 2024, with unpolished plastic decor, large wheels and a slightly raised chassis to fill the market gap between Vitara and Ignis.

Of course, no one knows for sure yet, but assuming the current Swift has been with us since early 2017, the schedule outlined above is not at all unlikely.



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