Totalcar – Magazine – Out of all civilian Bugatti

All luxury car brands did well last year, Lamborghini topped the record, Rolls-Royce also closed a record year thanks to the corona virus – they say the pandemic has made people realize that once they live, they prefer not to save anything – but now the last forty Bugatti Chiron also managed to find a host. Of course, this does not mean that the Molsheim plant is empty.

According to an official report from Bugatti, in 2021, “150 customers personalized and ordered a hyperport car from the brand,” 37 percent of whom are returning customers, but the rest have just bought Bugatti for the first time. Incidentally, like Rolls-Royce, the French manufacturer had the best year in its 112-year history last year.

In addition to the Chiron, the last pieces of the Divo were made, as was a piece of La Voiture Noire, as well as 40 Bolides – barely two months after the August premiere. In 2022, a minimum of 80 cars, Chiron Super Sports and Centodiecis, are expected to be delivered, and in parallel, a new era for the brand must be laid: a common future with Rimac, a Croatian manufacturer of electric sports cars. “We will continue to support internal combustion engines, there is room for Bugatti’s future.” – Mate Rimac.