Totalcar – Magazine – Porsche’s electric sports combo gets a very bizarre Chinese competitor

Chinese electric car brands are being born at an almost untraceable pace. HiPhi running under Human Horizons was first heard in 2019, the company’s first model in Shanghai, the X, perhaps most reminiscent of the Faraday Future FF 91, now spying on the first copies of their next model as soon as they leave the production line.

The HiPhi Z is more reminiscent of Porsche’s electric sports car, the Taycan CrossTourism, due to its much sportier, low construction than the sister X, although their design is radically different: represents an extravagant line that the three-color paintwork only tops off.

The headlights are reminiscent of Nissan’s 2001 GT-R concept car, with sills and rear doors aero-accessories, spoilers have been added, and above the front windshield sits the house of a LiDar. The rims are largely closed to the value of an electric car, and the rear tract is closed by a deep-drawn wing supplemented with a camera and a rear lamp complex.

The new model is based on the HiPhi X platform, which means two versions: the weaker one is powered by a single 299-horsepower electric motor, and with a 97 kWh battery pack according to the Chinese measurement cycle It has a range of 560 kilometers. The more powerful, two-engine version produces 598 horsepower and has a range of around 500 kilometers. The above data applies to the crossover X, and due to the presumably more favorable air resistance, the Z may be able to have a better range than these. HiPhi Zt will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, the price of which is not yet known.

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