Totalcar – Magazine – Tesla Cybertruck is available in two sizes

Elon Musk had previously aired that a smaller version of Cybertruck could be made, but no more specific information has been provided since. Now, however, industry sources say Tesla may be preparing to unveil a smaller Cybertruck as part of a special event due in March 2022.

The information comes from Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research. He said the downsized Cybertruck could be 15 to 20 percent smaller and, like the larger model, Texas Dynamics could make its casino. The scaled-down Cybertruck is likely to find competition in the market, as several manufacturers may be preparing to showcase electric pickups of similar size.


Meanwhile, it could be another guerrilla marketing tool from Tesla to maintain interest in Cybertruck. Whether Chowdhry’s speculation comes in or not, a Tesla pickup — possibly pickups — is unlikely to arrive this year.

Source: insideevs