Totalcar – Magazine – The wankel hybrid Mazda may come next year

The Wankel engine is not, to put it mildly, a success story, because although it can achieve quite a bit of liter performance, and its character is pleasant, it is not famous for its durability. It’s no coincidence that it never really spread, but Mazda doesn’t want to let go of the technology. The MX-30 can now be made into a wankel hybrid.

For the time being, Mazda has only confirmed to that a plug-in hybrid MX-30 will be available in America, but no technical details have been discussed. In any case, the paper knows that a Wankel engine can be included in this model.

True, we can’t really talk about a classic plug-in hybrid here, but rather a range-extending electric car, as the plan is that Wankel doesn’t drive the wheels directly, but charges the battery pack. The Japanese currently only market the MX-30 with pure electric drive in the U.S., while it is also available as a soft hybrid in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

True, the electrician has been criticized for its humble range. The leaders of the Canadian division gave a rather cynical answer to these, as they found it difficult to tell another car to have another car by 160 kilometers under the EPA cycle. In any case, the range extension design may be a more elegant solution to the problem. It is expected to be unveiled by 2023, after the plug-in hybrid was promised by the manufacturer for the fiscal year ending late March.