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Toto Wolff: Hamilton and Bottas "like Yin and Yang"

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Toto Wolff was under a lot of stress when Lewis Hamilton still had Nico Rosberg as teammate. What began as a childhood friendship escalated to the "Star Wars" event, and not only did the motorsport boss have to intervene admonishingly when his two protégés once again came too close. He is glad that these times are over and that he now has a lot easier with Valtteri Bottas.

Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas: It was not that harmonious before zoom

"Compared to the past, this is Alice in Wonderland," Wolff told Sky Sports F1, describing Hamilton and Bottas as "Yin and Yang." "There are no problems with the debriefing, there is no politics – everything takes place on the track," says the Austrian, but he does not want to know that as a tip against Nico Rosberg. "I do not mean that negatively, because every driver has his own way of succeeding," says Wolff.

And although it seems to be so easy, the motorsport boss had to survive some difficult situations this season. First and foremost there is Sochi, as Bottas had to give up his chance to win the race in favor of the world championship ambitions of his teammate. Recently, Esteban Ocon even accused Wolff of being a psychologist because he cares so much about him. Similar qualities could also be in demand with Bottas, who has not yet a season's victory.

"I have the impression that in recent years, more than anything, I have become a psychologist, because it's about how to get the most out of his people," nods Wolff. "I like this job and Valtteri is in a very difficult position, because you want to ride a race, you want to sit in the car, and it looks like he's not racing, so I've been looking for his positive approach."

The handcuffs of the stable order you have now "thrown into the water". Bottas could now get his victory, which he had to surrender in Sochi. However, Hamilton does not give him presents, as Wolff emphasizes: "Lewis is driving to win as many races and world championships as possible – no driver likes to make a victory, Valtteri has to win this victory himself – and that's the way it should be."

The Austrian sees the sticking point in the race in Baku, as Bottas in the lead shortly before the end suffered a puncture – then the season might have been different if the Finn had won there: "Yes, then Valtteri would have in this one race at 25 More points, and we would probably already have the Constructors' World Cup in our pocket, "says Wolff. "He would have had the chance to get on the title, and then of course it would have been very difficult to say: You have to drive for the other driver now, it will not work that way."


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