The Spurs chief expressed his frustration recently and this week in Manchester City: "My feeling is the worst I've had in the five years I've been here."

He explained his disappointment that the Spurs are still waiting to move into their new stadium, which will not be open until mid-January, adding, "Many things happened in the summer, many things that are not in my best mood make the best humor. My feeling is the best feeling now, I felt better in earlier seasons. "

The Argentine coach comments that Real Madrid have dismissed Julen Lopetegui and named Santiago Solari as his provisional successor, with the European champions possibly looking at Pochettino as a summer capture.

The 46-year-old had previously been associated with Real Madrid and Manchester United after performing incredible work in northern London and securing three of the top four Premier League Premier League appearances despite being the lowest by far Had issues of the big six.

Spurs have only spent £ 29 million on new players since joining Southampton's Pochettino in 2014 – with Liverpool (£ 183m), Chelsea (£ 200m), Arsenal (£ 225m), Manchester United (£ 466m) and Man City (£ 518 million) are all the net cost of the Capital Club.

Spending from Liverpool was not so unlike until the summer was over when Fabinho, Naby Keita and goalkeeper Alisson spent high fees to launch a title challenge under Klopp.

This was followed by a splash of £ 75m for Virgil van Dijk last January, although this deal was offset by Philippe Coutinho's £ 142m exit to Barcelona in the same month.

And Sky Sports expert and former Premier League defender Liam Rosenior believes the Spurs must adopt a similar approach if they want to avoid losing the "miracle worker" Pochettino.

Rosenior said to The Debate: "Perfect example [are] Liverpool, Klopp is fantastically good, and Liverpool goes out and says, "Do you know what, we want it."

"They go and give out the best goalkeeper they can get, the best half of the middle they can get, and now you see this club so much stronger this year.

"You have the chance to challenge the best football team in Premier League history in Man City."

"I think this is an important stage for Tottenham because I think they have the potential. Take a look at their performance against Man City. They pushed her as far as anyone else did this season and squeezed the ball.

"I do not see many other teams pushing Man City trying to get them out of the way. Pochettino does that with a team of 29 million pounds in net spending. That's an absolute miracle.

"They probably have the best manager they could have in the club, they have one of the best young teams in Europe.

"They go through their squad and the duration of each player's contract, most are tied for a good five years.

"This should be a really exciting point in the history of Tottenham. It is against them that they are currently competing against Manchester City and Liverpool, and Chelsea to a certain extent and Arsenal has spent more.

"Now is the time for her. You can see how clubs spend 20 times their net amount.

"They were eliminated by Juventus last season, and the Tottenham fans were unhappy, thinking," Wait, you've spent 30 million euros in net spending over the past five years, and you almost knocked Juventus out.

"We saw what Juventus did for Manchester United last week, which has spent a net £ 450 million over the last four years. That's the kind of job he did, now he says, "Support me." They are at a turning point. "


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