Tottenham: Richarlison approaches Real Madrid

He Tottenham Hotspur He’s not having a good season. The team of Antonio Conte falls apart at times and one of the consequences is being the disappointment of richarlison for his lack of prominence in the British club. The Brazilian forward has not cut a hair and has pointed to the figure of Antonio Conte as the main person responsible for both the bad moment and not having him when he feels in good shape.

For his part, Antonio Conte acknowledges his mistakes, but has already made Richarlison know the mistake he has made with his recent statements. The tensions between the player of Brazil and the Italian coach are latent and this could end up leading to the imminent departure of the footballer from the British team. In this way, the name of the former Everton player has once again been related to the Real Madridas it was months ago.

-Richarlison, a real option for Ancelotti’s team

The Brazilian striker had a good World Cup but, as regards the Premierits contribution is being practically nil, remaining in the shadow of Harry Kane. Richarlison is fed up with his current situation, hence his explosion through said statements. At the Santiago Bernabéu they have needed a striker for months and now the figure of the Tottenham striker is back on the scene, and it is that the circumstances point to problems that could end with the Brazil international leaving through the back door. With Real Madrid as a possible destination, many media point to a possible rapprochement between the two parties.