Toulouse: A judge decides that a baby named “Jihad” will be called “Jahid”


Toulouse – A judge for family matters in Toulouse decided on Friday that a boy born in August and his parents wanted to name “Jihad” would be called “Jahid” in the civil registry, said Monday at the prosecutor’s office .

While his parents wish to continue calling him Jihad ” orally “, the magistrate chose” in the interest of the child “to invert the two vowels of the first name for the registers of civil status, said the same source. Jihad means, in addition to the concept of holy war conducted to propagate or defend Islam, ” fight “or the” effort “, but the mayor of Toulouse, in a context marked by attacks and jihadism, had made a report to the public prosecutor. In November in Nice, the town hall had also seized justice after the birth of a boy declared in the civil status under the name of ” Mohamed Nizar Merah “, identical to that of the jihadist of a massacre in Toulouse and Montauban in 2012 and whose brother was tried in Paris for complicity in assassination Mohamed Merah had killed in March 2012 seven people, including three Jewish children. The mayor of Nice had estimated that the choice of parents ” could be contrary to the interest of the child “and had equated it with an apology for terrorism.The prosecution had seized the judge of Family Affairs, before the parents of the child give up the first name. In France, since 1993, registrars can no longer decide to ban a first name. The transmissions to the floor for a change of first name are very rare.


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