Toulouse beats Racing (42-27) by scoring five tries


Stade Toulousain has still planted five tries by his three quarters to defeat a tender Racing. Despite an offensive bonus point foolishly lost at the end, he is second in the Top 14. TOULOUSE – For the first time this season, Stade Toulousain is in second place in the Top 14. We have to go back to 2012 to find him as well ranked in the Championship at this time of the season. 2012? Year of the last title of champion of France. Two days from the end of the regular phase, it starts to feel good the final phase. “Who would have thought that we would occupy this position at this stage? ” , questions coach Ugo Mola. Given the past season, not many people, that’s for sure. But this Toulouse, enterprising as possible, does not have much to do with that, ghostly, who wandered down the rank a year ago. Of course, he still commits some monumental blunders, such as this offensive bonus lost late in the game yesterday, on a test gag from elsewhere. Perhaps a special dedication to the comic duo of the Knights of Fiel …

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