Toulouse: clashes between police and youth in two priority neighborhoods


Toulouse – A clash of hundreds of youths in police on Sunday evening at the Reynerie and Bellefontaine, neighborhoods classified as a priority security zone (ZSP) in Toulouse, said Monday police source.

Ten cars were burned, as well as a construction machine while the Bellefontaine police station, visited at the beginning of March by the Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, was the target of throwing stones, told AFP the Deputy Director of Public Security (DDSP) Assistant Commissioner Arnaud Bavois. These incidents did not ” made no injuries “and did not give rise to” no questioning “, he added. The violence occurred mainly between 8:00 pm and 11:30 pm but the calm returned only after midnight. ” There was clearly a will to attack the police. It had been a long time since we had seen that “, noted Commissioner Arnaud Bavois, describing scenes from” great violence “with young people who set fire to cars and with the idea” to take the police in ambush “. In total, more than one hundred police officers, CRS and gendarmes were mobilized to restore calm. A helicopter from the gendarmerie also flew over the scene. The tension in the neighborhood, according to Mr. Bavois, is mounted in the afternoon after the control of a veiled woman refusing to submit to police checks. The violence may also have been triggered by a rumor that guards from Seysses prison, south of Toulouse, were the cause of death on Saturday of a prisoner from the neighborhood, said the deputy DDSP. But if a man in his thirties is dead on Saturday in this prison, it’s ” following a suicide duly found by the prosecution “, stressed the Commissioner, adding that there was also” a suicide attempt “of another inmate whose” life threatening ” is engaged. ” Strenuous night for the staff who had to adapt and face an atypical situation with composure “, greeted on Twitter the union Unit SGP Police Occitanie, which condemned” firmly these unacceptable riotous behaviors “and brought” his total support to the Toulouse police “. A ” consequent device “was planned for next night to avoid a new explosion of violence, announced Commissioner Bavois. The Reynerie and Bellefontaine are located in the district of Grand Mirail, which has more than 40,000 inhabitants. In the grip of drug trafficking and settling of scores, he has been retained by the government for the experimentation of the daily security police (PSQ), which is banking on a new method of working, collective, and new tools, to fight against insecurity. Visiting March 9, Mr. Collomb announced 30 more officials for the PSQ Mirail.


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