Toulouse: clashes with the police in the district of Reynerie


It is the death of an inmate who has unleashed the clashes. Sunday evening, residents of the city of Reynerie, Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), violently clashed with the police, reports The Dispatch . The violence began around 8 pm with projectile throwing. Several cars were burned and lights were lit on the roadway. Firefighters struggled to access the neighborhood that had been cordoned off. Around 10 pm, a delegate of the police union SGP-FO explained to the local daily that there were “clashes in progress, throwing projectiles but for now no injuries”. Reinforcements were sent to the scene and a police helicopter flew over the area. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a man in his thirties, from La Reynerie, died at Seysses prison. Without knowing the circumstances, it was his death that would have angered the neighborhood youth. Classified as a priority security zone, the district of the Reynerie is regularly the scene of violence, as last August, when a man disguised as a woman shot dead a person at the Kalashnikov .


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