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Toulouse Clermont Live – Season 2018/2019 – Top 14

COMING UP: Beginning of the live: 14/04/2019 at 12:51

IN PROGRESS: Updated Yesterday at 19:17

ENDED: End of live: 14/04/2019 at 19:16

Yesterday at 18:44

What you must remember

Stade Toulousain – ASM Clermont: 47-44
Stade Toulousain: Guitoune (13th, 76th), Kolbe (46th), Gray (59th), Ntamack (70th)

ASM-Clermont: Penaud (36th, 61st, 65th), Yato (48th), penalty test (68th)

This match was expected and he kept all his promises. At the end of a completely crazy score, rich in suspense and trials (10!), Stade Toulousain is essential and remains the undisputed leader of this Top 14 (80 points). If its direct qualification in the semifinals is only a matter of time, the final phase is now official. With 23 points ahead of the UBB (6th), the Haut-Garonne can not be reached. The ASM (72 points) on its side did not deserve and deserves its defensive bonus point, which allows him to count 7 points ahead of the Lou, 3rd. This crazy match began with a bitter, closed and tense first act in which the two tenors left back to back at break (16-16). It continued with a dantesque scenario with 4 trials on each side and an offensive festival, much to the delight of the Stadium in Toulouse, sold out.

Defenses overwhelmed by hot attacks
In the second half, the tone is given by the tightrope walker Cheslin Kolbe, who offers a personal exploit after a start of the game yet shy to register the second test Toulouse before Yato responds to him in the wake (48th) by receiving a blow foot felt well by Laidlaw. On this action, Kaino gets a yellow card for a voluntary tie on Fofana. If the ASM did not take advantage and cashed a new test through Gray (59th), it reacts thereafter with two banderilles signed while speed by Penaud (61st, 65th) author of a hat-trick. Clermont returns in the game and believes he has done the hardest by getting a penalty try and 10 more minutes of superiority after a Tekori shoulder tackle on Beheregaray (68th) that allows him to lead by 11 points (33- 44). But the Stade Toulousain has resource, heart and mind. Ntamack at the end (70) and Guitoune, launched after a dominating maul (76) allow the Stadistes to afford the scalp of their dolphin at the end of a match as we see little and we rely on fingers of one hand at the end of the season. Thank you gentlemen!

Yesterday at 18:40

It's over !!! (47-44, 80th)

Stade Toulousain wins at the end of suspense against ASM Clermont with 10 tries, 5 on each side! What a game !!!

Yesterday at 18:39

79th: Gray steals a ball into touch. No doubt that of the win since Toulouse will delay until the end.

Yesterday at 18:38

It goes for Ramos! (47-44, 77th)

+3 for Stade Toulousain while there are only 3 minutes remaining.

Yesterday at 18:37

The double of Guitoune !!! (45-44, 76th)

Which match, but which match !!! After a devastating balloon, Guitoune is served at full speed and flattens on the line. Toulouse goes back to the front!

Yesterday at 18:35

75th: In an unbreathable end of the match, Yato manages to scratch a precious ball but Grosso unscrews his clearance and Toulouse gets a shot to follow at 10 meters.

Yesterday at 18:33

73rd: With the exit of Beheregaray on injury, the ASM no longer has a hooker. It is therefore Laidlaw who is in charge of throws in touch but it is not right. Broken arm for the Stade Toulousain.

Yesterday at 18:32

The big 8 of Ramos! (40-44, 71e)

20 points for the striker Upper Garonne now.

Yesterday at 18:29

The Toulouse test !!! (38-44, 70th)

Ntamack !!! The stafdist substitute manages to speed up the end and resist the return of Penaud to flatten. Note that Fritz Lee takes a yellow card for a high tackle. The two teams are therefore at 14.

Yesterday at 18:27

Penalty test for ASM and yellow for Tekori !!! (33-44, 69th)

Clermont flies to the bulletin board. The hooker, injured, would flatten without the illegal return of Tekori. The Toulouse captain is also expelled for 10 minutes.

Yesterday at 18:22

68th: Clermont is close to chaos with a test of Beheregaray but Tekori prevents it with an illegal plating. Mr. Poite uses the video. Terrible image with Beheregaray coming out on the stretcher.

Yesterday at 18:20

Laidlaw transforms! (33-37, 66th)

Clermont has more than one penalty in advance. +4 on the bulletin board.

Yesterday at 18:17

Sheepish incredible !!! (33-35, 65th)

Ooooooh the blow of club on the heads of Toulouse. On a poorly adjusted pass from Dupont, Laidlaw recovers the ball on the ground and finishes the work 60 meters further, flattening between the posts !!! Clermont takes the lead!

Yesterday at 18:15

Laidlaw transforms! (33-30, 62nd)

Clermont returns to 3 points of Stade Toulousain!

Yesterday at 18:13

The double of Penaud !!! (33-28, 61st)

What a game of crazy ladies! The ASM immediately retaliate with a try of Penaud, at the conclusion of a surplus where Naqalevu and Tuicuvu fix the Toulouse defense with their offloads. Clermont revives the suspense.

Yesterday at 18:12

Imperial Ramos! (33-23, 60th)

+10 for Stade Toulousain which is close to a success against his dolphin.

Yesterday at 18:10

Gray's try !!! (31-23, 59th)

The Scottish international flattened in strength on the line to allow its partners to count more than a trial converted beforehand, for the first time of the match.

Yesterday at 18:08

57th: The Haut-Garonne are back around the opponents' 22 meters. The fronts are solicited upwind.

Yesterday at 18:07

First failure for Laidlaw! (26-23, 55th)

At 40 meters in edge of touch, Laidlaw lacks, for a few centimeters, to equalize.

Yesterday at 18:06

54th: Penalty for the ASM after a Tekori top tackle on Laidlaw. The scorer will want to do justice to himself by trying the penalty.

Yesterday at 18:04

The precision of Ramos strikes again! (26-23, 53rd)

The Haut-Garonne returnees on the scoreboard: 26 to 23.

Yesterday at 18:03

52nd: The scrum Toulouse makes the effort and gets a penalty, 40 meters on the left, that Ramos will try.

Yesterday at 18:02

51st: Penaud flips to the floor while trying to raise. Melee to follow for the Stade Toulousain.

Yesterday at 18:01

Laidlaw equalizes again! (23-23, 49th)

5/5 and 13 points for the two goalscorers, well settled this afternoon.

Yesterday at 17:59

The double penalty for Toulouse !!! (23-21, 48th)

Yato goes flat between the poles after a game well foot distilled by Laidlaw. At the start of the action, Kaino fumed in a very pale way by making a tie on Fofana who did not have the ball. Toulouse will continue the game at 14 for 10 minutes.

Yesterday at 17:58

Ramos transforms! (23-16, 47th)

The Toulouse retake a test transformed in advance on the ASM.

Yesterday at 17:55

The EXCEPTIONAL test of Kolbe !!! (21-16, 46th)

Adjectives are running low on the South African winger. After having lost his support, however, Cheslin Kolbe gets up and will review all the Clermont defense by breaking 3 tackles and 5 defenders.

Yesterday at 17:54

44th: The Toulouse chained upwind time before getting a penalty on the ground. Ramos plays it quickly and enters the 22 meters.

Yesterday at 17:52

43rd: On a long-running game from Ntamack, Betham demanded a volley stop within 22 meters.

Yesterday at 17:51

42nd: Zach Holmes goes out on concotion protocol after a big tackle of Betham and is replaced by Romain Ntamack.

Yesterday at 17:49

Here we go again !!! (16-16, 40th)

Stade Toulousain and Zach Holmes kick off the second half.

Yesterday at 17:37

It's the break at the Stadium !!! (16-16, 40th)

Stade Toulousain – ASM Clermont: 16-16

Stade Toulousain: Guitoune (13th)

ASM-Clermont: Penaud (36th)

At the end of a balanced first act, Toulouse and Clermont are back to back (16-16). If the Toulouse have planted the first banderille through Sofiane Guitoune (13th), well helped by the heavy work of Huget on his wing, the ASM responded with an essay by Damian Penaud, at the conclusion of a at the end of the line (36th). Note the flawless two scorers Laidlaw and Ramos, authors of a 4/4 and 11 points at the foot.

Yesterday at 17:37

Ramos equalizes! (16-16, 40 + 1e)

Perfect equality at half-time between the two tenors of the Top 14.

Yesterday at 17:36

40th: Big effort of the Toulouse front who gets a penalty. Thomas Ramos, 35 meters in the axis will try it.

Yesterday at 17:35

39th: The front of Dupont offers a melee ASM in his camp while Huget seemed to spin in the in-goal. This will be the last action of this first period.

Yesterday at 17:33

Laidlaw power 4! (13-16, 37th)

The Scottish striker finally sets the target to allow his partners to lead by 3 points. Note the entry of Parra instead of Nanai Williams, released for a concussion protocol.

Yesterday at 17:30

The Clermont test !!! (13-14, 36th)

Sheepish !!! The ASM is rewarded in its strongest moment by his first try scored by his winger in the end, well served by Tuicuvu who sets Huget. Clermont passes in front of the score for the first time of the match.

Yesterday at 17:29

34th: Incredible lift Tuicuvu ball that goes 60 meters from his 22 meters to put the ASM in the advance. The ASM has been monopolizing the balloons for a few minutes.

Yesterday at 17:27

32nd: Ulugia replaces Beheregaray in the heel while he does not seem touched. Tactical change operated by Franck Azéma.

Yesterday at 17:24

30th: New forward Clermontois in the center of the field while Naqalevu had put his in the advance with a marvel of chistera.

Yesterday at 17:21

It goes for Ramos! (13-9, 28th)

The striker Toulouse is well settled this afternoon with a 3/3 foot.

Yesterday at 17:21

27th: The Clermont roster starts to foul and offers a penalty that will tempt Thomas Ramos.

Yesterday at 17:19

26th: Nanaï-Williams opts for a game on the foot, which receives Bézy before being propelled into touch by Penaud.

Yesterday at 17:17

24th: Laidlaw maneuver with his forwards to exhaust the defense Toulouse, well up until then.

Yesterday at 17:16

23rd: Elstadt makes a screen on Penaud and returns possession to the Clermontois who return to the opposite camp with a penaltouche to follow for Beheregaray.

Yesterday at 17:13

The pass of three for Laidlaw! (10-9, 21st)

Match very closed until then between the two tenors of the Top 14 who go blow for blow.

Yesterday at 17:12

Fischer out on injury (10-6, 20th)

The third-row is replaced by captain Fritz Lee while Laidlaw will try a new penalty.

Yesterday at 17:11

19th: Major highlight of the ASM which chained play time to 5 meters from the line Toulouse.

Yesterday at 17:09

18th: New penalty for the ASM after scraping Fischer in the middle of the field. Nanaï-Williams finds the penaltouche in front of the 22 meters.

Yesterday at 17:08

Laidlaw reduces the gap! (10-6, 16th)

The Clermont striker embodies each of the highlights of his partners.

Yesterday at 17:08

15th: New penalty for the Clermont in the 22 yards of opponents with an offside of the Toulouse defensive line. Laidlaw will try it.

Yesterday at 17:06

Ramos goes on foot! (10-3, 14th)

Stade Toulousain makes the break and therefore leads by 7 points.

Yesterday at 17:04

The Toulouse test !!! (8-3, 13th)

Guitoune !!! The center is at the conclusion of a magnificent action where ERamos created the gap before serving Huget who escapes at the end of the line. The international winger plays two against one with Bézy who has only to serve Guitoune to allow Stade Toulousain to register the first try of this match!

Yesterday at 17:03

11th: From his camp, Nanaï-Williams releases at the foot directly in the arms of Huget who raises from the entrance of his 22 meters.

Yesterday at 17:01

Laidlaw equalizes! (3-3, 9th)

Both teams are still in the observation phase. Few offensives until then.

Yesterday at 17:00

8th: Immediate reaction of the ASM who gets a penalty directly on the referral. At 30 meters on the right, Laidlaw will try it.

Yesterday at 16:59

Ramos opens the scoring! (3-0, 7th)

The Red and Black scorer has the distance and accuracy to allow the Stadistes to take the lead.

Yesterday at 16:58

6th: New penalty for Stade Toulousain after a foul on the ground of Auvergnats. At 55 meters, Ramos will try it.

Yesterday at 16:57

5th: The Toulousains toil in their transmissions since the kick-off. New ammunition spoiled by the Upper Garonne who make a touch to Clermont.

Yesterday at 16:56

4th: Nanaï-Williams finds a direct touch out of his 22 meters. Start following for Mauvaka.

Yesterday at 16:54

3rd: The breakthrough of Guitoune! The Toulouse center makes talk speed and enters the 22 meters. Dupont then sends the game off where Ramos stammers his pass to Kolbe, who commits the ahead. First scrum of the match to follow.

Yesterday at 16:53

2nd: Clermont gets into trouble with an entry by the side of the ruck area in the Toulouse camp. Zach Holmes finds the penaltouche near the midline.

Yesterday at 16:51

Let's go !!! (0-0, 1st)

Nanaï-Williams and ASM Clermont kick off the last game of this 22nd day of Top 14.

Yesterday at 16:42

The players finish their warm-up. The kickoff will be given in 10 minutes.

Yesterday at 16:37

ASM Clermont is running

On the side of the ASM, Franck Azéma has decided: to a week of the reception of the semi-final Challenge Cup, the Clermont manager has decided to leave some executives at rest. If Morgan Parra and Peceli Yato will sit on the bench, Camille Lopez is left to rest. The hinge is formed by scrum half Laidlaw and Nanai Williams. Damian Penau and Wesley Fofana will be titular as Naqalevu and Betham in the back lines. In the scrum, Chouly returns in the third row while Slimani chained to the post of pillar.

The starting XV of Clermont: 15. Tuicuvu – 14. Penaud, 13. Naqalevu, 12. Fofana, 11. Betham – 10. Nanai Williams (o), 9. Laidlaw (m) – 8. Chouly, 7. Fischer, 6. Lapandry (cap) – 5. Vahaamahina, 4. Van Tonder – 3. Slimani, 2. Beheregaray, 1. Kakabadze.
Replacements: Ulugia, Beria, Jedrasiak, Lee, Parra, Grosso, Yato, Falatea.

Yesterday at 16:29

Stade Toulousain releases heavy artillery

For the reception of Dauphin Auvergne, Ugo Mola chose to entrust the keys of the Toulouse truck to Antoine Dupont, placed at the opening and Sébastien Bézy, holder in the scrum. Zach Holmes slips in the middle, alongside Guitoune while striker Ramos takes his place at the back. In front, Kaino forms the third line with Cros and Elstadt and Mauvaka is placed in the heel, supplemented by the pillars Baille and Faumuina. A week before his Champions Cup semifinal against Leinster, the Toulouse team has a starting XV close to his team-type.

The starting XV of Toulouse:
15. Ramos – 14. Huget, 13. Guitoune, 12. Holmes, 11. Kolbe – 10. Dupont (o), 9. Bézy (m) – 8. Kaino, 7. Cros, 6. Elstadt – 5. Gray, 4. Arnold – 3. Faumuina, 2. Mauvaka, 1. Baille.

Replacements: Matavesi, Castets, Tekori, Tolofua, Placines, Ntamack, Medard, Van Dyk.

Yesterday at 12:31

The shock at the top that everyone expects

This match turns out to be full of promises as it will oppose what is best in the Top 14 this season. The Toulouse, who remain on a defeat against Toulon, had just chained an impressive series of 14 consecutive games without defeat in the Top 14. Strong leader (1st, 76 points), Stade Toulousain has almost ensured its direct place in half Finals and is qualified in the last four of the Champions Cup. An end of season which promises to be exciting for the supporters of Upper Garonne.

His dolphin Clermont (71 points) could take him back to the leading position in case of a bonus victory. The Auvergnats have already won 5 times out of their bases and will try to knock Toulouse home. A feat that only the champions of France in title castrais managed to realize until then. With respectively 11 and 6 points ahead of the Lou, these two teams should except surprise, get a direct qualification in the semifinals.

Find the complete ranking of the Top 14

Yesterday at 12:19

Hello everyone !

Welcome to Sport 24 / Le Figaro to watch live the last match of the 22nd day of Top 14 between Stade Toulousain and Clermont. The kickoff will be given at 16:50 at the Stadium of Toulouse.


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