Toulouse. For Benjamin Bonzi, it’s blessed grass!

the essential
After three well-controlled warm-up laps, Benjamin Bonzi must face the Argentinian Marco Trungelliti (206th), also from the qualifications and specialist in clay. A hell of an opportunity. Success would bring him closer to the Top 100.

Benjamin Bonzi never loses a sense of priorities. Friday night, he had only one: to land in London in front of the Top 14 final and the success of Stade Toulousain, his club, in La Rochelle: “We have mastered it, to experience”. He could almost have spoken of his own journey in qualifying at Wimbledon, played at the Roehampton annex: “I had arrived with confidence after my half at Nottingham (Challenger) the previous week. I gained momentum, j I played better and better over the matches. And luckily because, without making a good performance in the last round, I would not have passed. ” The protected Lionel Zimbler had dismissed there, last Thursday, the Portuguese Federico Ferreira Silva (176th), in four sets after conceding the initial one.

“Don’t tell me that I have to win at all costs”

Until then, his career follows that of 2018, the year of his last appearance on the grass: “In 2019, I did not have the classification to compete in the qualifications of Wim ‘, so I had completely skipped the season on grass. And, last year, the pandemic raged. I don’t have too much trouble finding my bearings. ” Three years ago, the Slovak Lukas Lacko (73rd), big server, had released Benjamin Bonzi in the first round in four sets. Today or tomorrow, if the sky stops sobbing, Marco Trungelliti (206th), pure landman, seems much more affordable. The Argentine has also lost nine of the last ten matches played against the French. For example, the Fonsorbais Hugo Gaston had taken him out in the first round of qualifying at Roland Garros in 2019.

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Fun is essential, especially on grass

Antoine Hoang, former protégé of Lionel Zimbler (Bonzi’s current coach) and frequent doubles partner of Benjamin, also sent him to Cherbourg (Challenger) at the start of the season. Enough to go fishing for information quite easily: “He’s still a guy who comes out of qualifying, so confident, even if he is not necessarily a lawn specialist. Basically, I know him very little. But the telephone may indeed be very useful to nab some information from friends “.

Sometimes fragile when folding matches that could accelerate his ascent, the Toulouse (119th) refuses to be overwhelmed by the pressure: “A Grand Slam, it motivates but I do not want to tell myself that I have to win this match at all price. This is not the solution. ” The pursuit of fun is essential, especially on grass: “If you’re not trying to have a little fun on the surface, it can be frustrating to accept what’s going on, to see the dots go by without much discussion. . Muscularly, physically, it is quite demanding. You have to be able to always be low on the supports, In terms of movement, it is not easy “. Especially since the grass is not uniform. It differs depending on the venue: “It was quite slippery in Roehampton, the grass was taller in Nottingham. At Wimbledon, it bounces even less, the grounds are softer.” Staying vigilant will be the best way not to get caught up in the rough.

Tsitsipas eliminated in the 1st round

The Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, 4th in the world and finalist at Roland Garros, was eliminated Monday in the first round of Wimbledon by the American Frances Tiafoe (57th) 6-4, 6-4, 6-3. At 22 years old, Tsitsipas fails for the third time in four appearances in the 1st round of the Lawn Major, reaching the round of 16 in 2018.The 23-year-old American had never beaten a Top 5 player in his previous eleven attempts.

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