Toulouse: new urban violence on Monday night in the Mirail district


The Mirail district in Toulouse was again the scene of incidents between groups of young people and the police, found on the spot journalists from France 3. These events occur 24 hours later first urban violence that took place on Sunday evening and during which eleven vehicles were burned. First clashes in Bellefontaine The first clashes erupted in Bellefontaine in the early evening. According to the police, “mortar fire” has been fired from apartments in the street. The police responded with grenades and tear gas bombs. A barricade in flames has long barred the road, rue Paul Gauguin. A barricade was inflamed, rue Paul Gauguin, in the district of Bellefontaine in Toulouse. / © Fabrice Valery / France 3 Occitanie Bellefontaine, Reynerie, La Faourette … Violence spreads Several cars were burned in Bellefontaine. Several cars were again burned on Monday night in the Mirail district of Toulouse. / © Fabrice Valery / France 3 Occitanie Violence then broke out in the district of the Reynerie where several vehicles were also burned, as noted by our team on the spot: Several vehicles are also the prey of the flames at the Reynerie. / © Fabrice Valery / France 3 Occitanie And the incidents are multiplying right now on the other side of the ring road of Toulouse, in the district of the Faourette: The prefecture had taken this Monday an order prohibiting the sale and transportation of fuel at retail , fearing new incidents. A large police force deployed The Deputy Director of Public Security (DDSP) Deputy Commissioner Arnaud Bavois, said during the day that a ” consequent device “was scheduled for the night from Monday to Tuesday to avoid a new explosion of violence.Indeed, many police forces are present in the neighborhood Mirail tonight, where several small groups of young people, very mobile, play the game of cat and mouse with them. A gendarmerie helicopter also flies over the area for several hours. See here the map of the different neighborhoods that make up the Mirail and where the violence erupted on Monday night : Several arrests Firefighters intervene under police protection to extinguish the various fires in progress. According to a police source, several rioters were arrested. A first evening of violence on Sunday Sunday, around 20:30, incidents started especially in the neighborhoods of La Reynerie and Bellefontaine: stone throwing on the police, fires cars and garbage. Calm returned only around midnight. There was no questioning. These incidents could have started after the suicide of a prisoner of 26, found hanged Saturday evening in his cell of the disciplinary district of the prison of Seysses near Toulouse. On Monday afternoon, detainees at the prison refused to return to their cell after the walk , because of the death of this prisoner. The regional intervention and security teams (ERIS) of the prison administration were sent on the spot. But according to police sources, it’s the identity check of a woman wearing a niqab and for which police were taken to party Sunday afternoon which could be at the origin of these events.


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