Toulouse Olympique writes a farewell letter to the Super League

It was a complicated season for our Toulouse team. The balance sheet was not there with 22 defeats for only 5 victories. But above all great moments for Ernest Wallon and being the second French team in the Super League with the Dragons Catalons. Relegated, the TO will go to the Championship next season. But in the meantime, here is Toulouse Olympique’s farewell letter to the Super League.

Dear Super League,

Well, what a mad rush!

Although the season didn’t end the way we expected – certainly not the way we hoped – we will take home a lot of learnings and valuable experience.

We’re not going to lie, we don’t particularly like the 3-day trips, the delayed planes, the long wait at the airports, the late arrivals, the costs of the 27 trips, the schedule of 3 matches in 8 days, the hail in the lovely north of England, coronavirus regulations,…

But the spectacle, the thrill, the challenge, the stakes, the suspense, the atmosphere and the quality of the stadiums, the clubs, the friends, the support of the English supporters – it is simply obvious that we adore you and that we want to see you again very soon.

The season didn’t really start off as well as it could have, and the plan we had drawn up to ensure we stayed in the Super League had to be completely changed. We feel no remorse, maybe some regrets about some games that we should have won and were close to… No, we are grateful.

For the support we received, whether at home thanks to the supporters, volunteers, partners and friends who attended the matches, or outside, for the warm welcome, the many testimonies of support and the marks of affection that we have received.

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So yes, we had a lot of fun and we want to find you, the Great Super League, and bring even more our ‘French Touch’ to make you grow…

You can count on us to be even more combative, determined, relentless, motivated, hooked, spectacular,… and simply happy to see you again!

A huge THANK YOU to you and see you very soon,

We will come back.

Toulouse Olympic XIII