Toulouse. Streetfood and history –

The One Conseil agency, specializing in gastronomy and history, just launched a week ago the new application, Streetfood Tour, which lists both the good addresses of street food and the walks to do in Toulouse. “We wanted to give a new turn to this type of gastronomy which is experiencing more and more enthusiasm in the city, and not only from a young audience, notes Benoît Pernet, one of the agency’s managers. With a photo gallery of the various dishes, the user has an overview of what he wants to taste. An app that makes your mouth water in a way!”.

Thus, now you can discover unusual places in the city (museums, works of street art, rooftops, etc.), while also discovering good street food addresses.

This application, which is aimed at everyone, is of interest both to weekend visitors and Toulousains wishing to rediscover their city and learn a few anecdotes about it.

“We would also like, later, to extend it to other cities”.

An application to download on Apple and soon on GoogleStore.

A class connected to business creation.

Barely seated in front of their class table, last September, the pupils of Abelaziz Chadli, professor of Eco-Management, were embarked on an adventure which could lead them to Paris, for the final of the Samsung challenge “Solve for Tomorrow “, supported by the EPA association (Undertake to Learn). These young competitors are in the STMG sector (sciences and technologies of management and management), in Première, at the Lycée des Arènes. A national project bringing together students from 9th to 12th grade, focused on the development of technological products or services allowing everyone to access digital environments. It is about the inclusion of our elders, the fight against precariousness and the preservation of the environment. “It is a question, enthuses the professor, of demonstrating the creativity and the energy of the students of the STMG sector, capable of taking on responsibilities, of carrying out and living a project as a team, in short of taking charge of positive energies. and creative”. Last week, just before sending their projects, the six teams of the class presented their virtual company in front of an audience of professionals and an elected official from the Municipality. First step before the choice of the jury which will retain 5 projects on April 15, for a final on May 11 in Paris.

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