Toulouse: the standoff over the financing of the line divides elected officials



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PL. Monnier, France 3 Regions, C. Riccot

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While work could begin in 2024, the environmentalist mayor of Bordeaux wants to mobilize opponents of the Bordeaux-Toulouse high-speed rail line. The file, of several billion euros, divides local elected officials.

Who will take out the checkbook to finance the high-speed line between Bordeaux and Toulouse? On the one hand, the Occitans, ultra favorable to the project, have completed their share of the budget. On the other hand, the Neo-Aquitaine are much more reluctant to pay. The project would amount to more than ten billion euros. At the head of the sling, the environmentalist mayor of Bordeaux, vice-president of the metropolis, denounces an insane project. “We have already swallowed billions of euros in high-speed lines, we have seen that it is drying up our territories”, declared the elected.

This declaration makes the elected officials of Occitanie jump. With the future LGV, Toulouse will be closer to Paris with around an hour less travel time. In addition, the region has already paid to finance the first part of the Paris – Bordeaux line, 300 million euros ten years ago. The State puts more than four billion euros on the table, Europe two billion, the communities of Occitanie three billion, but in New Aquitaine, it is more complicated. For example, the mayor of Agen (Lot-et-Garonne) refuses to pay the requested amount. “We are asking the agglomeration of Agen 40 million euros, we have already paid a lot, this funding is excessive”, estimates Jean-Dionis du Sejour. The financing of the line must be completed by the end of the year.

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