Toulouse: unvaccinated caregivers at Marchant hospital mobilize

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The nursing staff at Marchant hospital in Toulouse, unvaccinated on September 15, and therefore suspended by management, mobilized on Sunday, September 19. Most still do not plan to get the vaccine.

Since September 15, unvaccinated medical personnel can no longer exercise, under the law relating to the management of the health crisis, promulgated on August 6, 2021. At the Marchant hospital in Toulouse, 30 caregivers are officially suspended by The direction. Sunday morning, September 19, some of them, surrounded by supporters, gathered in front of the entrance to the hospital, Route d’Espagne. “I work in an aftercare center, which depends on Marchant. I am suspended, the management gave me until the 23rd to think, but it’s all considered, explains a caregiver. I will not be vaccinated. I want to wait for a traditional vaccine. I’m not an antivax, but I don’t trust messenger RNA technology. We don’t have enough perspective ”. According to those mobilized, the suspension of the unvaccinated disorganized the establishment, “already chronically understaffed”. And 168 people in total, the majority of whom are on leave or off work, would not have provided vaccination certificates, out of the 1,500 site employees.

“We gave the possibility to the unvaccinated staff, to take a few days of annual leave to reflect. Always in the benevolence and the personalized accompaniment of the various professionals”, explained the director of the hospital, in “the Dispatch”, the September 16. “We have a hundred teams spread over several structures. There is not a number of unvaccinated people who would put in difficulty the functioning of these different structures”.

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