Tour de France : a photo of gold and a heart of steel

Tour de France : a photo of gold and a heart of steel


Have you seen this photo ?

Go, watch it again. The leg in the air of the FDJ. The reflex of the riders in the background. The head of Axel Domont close to hitting the edge. The grimace of Romain Bardet. The fear of Chris Froome. Their hands which grate the ground. And, by contrast, the mine is almost serene in the yellow jersey, Geraint Thomas.

Chris Auld, freelance photographer uk, may be made the picture of the Tower on Sunday, in a tight corner on the commune of Battice, near Liège. Placed in the right place and triggering at the right time, he caught on to what the tv can’t even show, at least live : chaos in the peloton at the time of a fall.

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Even the on-board cameras placed by the organizers on the bikes could not catch the time – they are not, for the moment, not numerous enough (the drop is at 1 min 05).

But the photo of Chris Auld, striking as it is, leaves a lot of questions. Which alone can meet the cyclists that have experienced a massive drop to 50 km/h in the middle of the crowd of the Tour de France, the head of the challenge of the race. What sounds ? What odors ? What pain ? What thoughts in this fraction of a second ?

All the riders who lived through the third stage of the Tour de France 2015 between Antwerp and Huy – Belgium, already, remember the multiple falls that have punctuated the day. the ” I had the impression of being in the middle of a real butcher, we said Romain Bardet recently. Often, he escapes to fall to the last moment, and it sees the last rider to our height to fall. And we hear the sound of scrap metal. “

Escaping the fall is a question of address, of experience, of status – are you protected by your team or not ? –, but also of luck. Sunday, the three leaders of earth had no other choice than to get the lie of the bitumen. The strike caused by the rider of the Katusha, when in the third position of the platoon, also recalls that even the teams massed at the front, can go to the mat, though the chances are lower that in the middle of the package.

The state in which one will come out of the game of skittles is also based on the good fortune. Romain Bardet and Christopher Froome had, apparently. The French has typed the right knee, but the news medical mentions only dermabrasions, that word that one reads only one month a year, twenty-one days in a row, or almost. He also suffers from back. But not to the head : ” morale is excellent “, he said in front of the bus to AG2R, Sunday afternoon, smiling face. The same summary for the Uk : dermabrasions and big smile.

The falls, however, sometimes have undesirable side effects. Bad nights. Change of position. Hesitations in a similar turn, or at the time of jostling for a place in the head of the pack.

This Monday, the minds of Froome, Bardet and Thomas will be put to the test in the final tortuous slog of the third stage, between Verviers and Longwy. Arrived in Lorraine, the pack will be crossed Belgium and Luxembourg, so that the Tour de France has seen four countries in three days, but he is everywhere in his home.

The day will be long (212,5 kilometres) and reached by the side of the Religious, the walk is steep and a final false flat amount, so that the favorites, the punchers and the sprinters will want to stay at the forefront of a final turning point, and fast, because it is by a descent, you arrive in Longwy. The risk of falling in will be strengthened. To the victims of one of the suburbs of Liège, he will have a heart of steel, but others have had before them in this high-rise steel French.

The finish line will be drawn on the place de la mairie de Longwy-Haut, dominated by the church of Saint Dagobert. At the top of its odd square bell tower, the trade unionists of the CGT were placed in the spring of 1979 an antenna and a transmitter imported clandestinely from Italy, with the blessing of the parish priest. In front, in the lobby of the town hall, they had improvised a radio studio at the microphone which paraded workers, trade unionists, journalists, political parisians and anonymous Longwy to fight against the closure of the last blast furnaces. When the blues arrived to clear the red, the priest sounded the tocsin to mobilise Longwy. The free antenna, off eighteen months later was called ” Radio Lorraine Heart of Steel.”

Clément Guillou

Each morning during the Tour, dancer sends you a post card from the counter of an establishment of the city starting from the day before.

” 10 hours, it is not a bit early for beer ? – If. “

Curious atmosphere, Sunday morning in Düsseldorf, between those who had started the previous evening and had not yet finished drinking, and those who were already, early in the morning. Bert Solbach and Angelika Arnold, 62 and 58 years of age, employed by a camera shop and the giant cosmetics Henkel, belonged to the second category. They trinquaient in front of the brewery Schumacher, who makes his own beer, with two steps of the town hall square which was given the start of the step they were about to go zieuter.

The beer, the Tour, love.

Entschuldigung, but 10 hours, it is not a bit early for beer ? the ” If, we replied honestly Angelika. in But this is only the second, then it’s okay. “ This will also be the last. Cycling gives less thirsty than the football : ” When Fortuna Dusseldorf is playing at 13 hours, it begins also at this time, and we drink more ! “Know that in Düsseldorf, the local beer (Altbier) is drunk in a glass in of 20 centilitres. the ” Like this it stays fresh. It is better to drink two small than one large. “ Excellent hose you entrust to us, Angelika, more comfortable level of hops that handlebar.

How many of the 16 cyclists germans embarked on the Tour knows it ? the ” Tony Martin, Rick Zabel, and then the good-looking guy, there, the blond with long hair. “ Peter Sagan ? It is quite German, since it is Slovak. the ” Yes, but it is short for a German team. “anyway, Düsseldorf is also not quite German. the ” It is a bit of a French city, suggests Bert. the It is nicknamed ‘the Little Paris’ because of the fashion shops on the Königsallee, Napoleon came up here, and then when we were young, once we had the permit, we’re going to France by car. “ the peloton of The Tour has preferred to move to Belgium first.

Henri Seckel

Instant music
you can’t leave Belgium without greeting the rapper was the coolest of the flat country, namely, Roméo Elvis, who is called, in true Romeo Johnny Elvis Van Laeken. True.

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