Tour de France – Stage Center Val de Loire, Agglopolys, Salle Michel Angers, 1 rue Honoré de Balzac, 41000 BLOIS – WEDNESDAY 24 NOVEMBER (9.30 a.m.> 12 p.m.)

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24 (9:30 a.m.> 12 p.m.)

Center Val-de-Loire delegation

Agglopolys, room Michel Angers, 1 rue Honoré de Balzac, 41000 BLOIS

Presidential elections of 2022: Which act 4 for decentralization?

The 2022 presidential election campaign is likely to be unlike any other. Still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and its varying societal impacts, our fellow citizens are more than ever shaken up in their daily lives by the major climatic, social, economic and democratic issues. It is moreover in this unprecedented context that the “territorial ideology” today thrives, which wants the “local” to be the almost exclusive scale of responses and solutions in terms of public policies and the fight against fractures. social.

Decided to engage in the battle of ideas as she had done in 2019 through the development of the study What territorial world tomorrow? (To download), the ADGCF travels between October and December 2021, to meet the leaders of communities and metropolises, its associated colleges (Prospective Club, FédéSCoT, ADPNR, ANPP, FNAU, Metropolitan Poles) and its partners.

Communalism and the emergence of a new inter-municipal model, ecological transition and operational implementation of the ZAN, HR organization of the local bloc, evolution of the relationship to work, interterritorial cooperation, tax reform, evolution of departmental and regional institutions, local democracy and representativeness of parliamentary bodies, etc … The ADGCF is organizing, via its regional delegations, a series of 12 meetings aimed, on the one hand, at discussing the issues which today question regional managers and, on the other hand, at producing, in the light of the next presidential election, proposals likely to feed into Act 4 of Decentralization.

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