Tourism: the recipe of the CNT to revive the sector

By Rachid Al Arbi on 04/28/2022 at 11:35 p.m.

Kiosk360. The national tourist activity is slowly picking up the hair of the beast. Measures have been put in place to support operators in their recovery. More are to come. This article is a press review from the newspaper Les Inscriptions ECO.


Despite the difficult context, optimism remains for the national tourism sector. In its April 29 edition, ECO Inspirations who quotes Hamid Bentahar, President of the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) and Chairman and CEO of Accor Gestion Maroc, assures that professionals want first of all to appreciate the fact that the country is in the process of emerging from the pangs of crisis. “After more than 22 months of difficulties, professionals really need positive energy and above all to project themselves into the future with the opening of borders and the exploration of all opportunities to put the sector back on track for growth,” says Bentahar. It is therefore too early, according to him, to be able to assess the repercussions of the war in Ukraine even if it is certain that there will certainly be an impact.

In the meantime, the national tourist activity is trying, albeit timidly, to gradually regain control of its growth. This is reflected in the resumption of activity of travel agencies, carriers, and tourist guides, hoteliers, or even restaurateurs. What is all the more comforting is “the welcome reserved for Morocco in the various world tourist events.

The daily, which echoes Bentahar’s remarks, believes “that we must continue to improve the various mechanisms put in place for the sector over the past two years to ensure a reconnection with their international customers and join all efforts with those provided by the National Tourist Office.

The newspaper thinks, however, that “the machine can go faster” and recommends “harmonizing the conditions of access to the national territory”. The obligation to present a PCR test for tourists who are vaccinated is a real constraint which slows down the pace of recovery. For Morocco to recover its natural share of business and tourism demand, it must mainly remove this major constraint. At the same time, it is necessary to “collectively improve the support systems for tourism professions, protect jobs and businesses”. Hence the joint work with the supervisory ministry which would make it possible to complete the existing battery of measures, keep this ambition of solidarity and leave no player on the sidelines of the recovery machine.