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Tourist accommodation caught in the dark about health measures

by archyw

The owners of the Espace du Carmel, a tourist residence in Danville, in the Eastern Townships, denounce the vagueness in which they find themselves.

Their accommodation, which is intended for groups of around 20 people or more, has been closed since March 2020,

The owners, Martine and Patrick, thought they could benefit from a reduction in health rules with the switch to green, but they were wrong.

Even if the old convent has 23 rooms, some with bathroom, the rules that apply are the same as for a private house, i.e. a maximum of 10 people from at most three different addresses inside, and up to 20 guests outside.

Three weddings were scheduled to take place at the residence in August, while the place is fully booked for all fall weekends until Christmas.

The owners say they are faced with nothingness, as if they did not exist. They deplore the lack of consistency and openness of the authorities with whom they have tried to communicate.

Unfairly treated, that’s how they feel as hotels and other businesses start enjoying the summer traffic again.

Irritated and helpless, they admit having difficulty understanding why they are so limited in their capacity.


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