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The buttons from a hotel in Turkey inherited much of the fortune of a british businessman who stayed in the same room every year. Despite his inheritance, the young man assured that he would not resign his position.

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Charles George Courtney he died in July 2014 at the age of 87, but details of the case were only revealed in the summer of 2021. Originally from Hastings, in the south of England, Mr Courtney often stayed at the KoruMar Hotel De Luxelocated in Kuşadası, one of the most popular seaside resorts in Turkey.

Taskin Dasdan he is one of the employees at this 5-star hotel, where he has worked as a bellman since 1990. For many years, Dasdan offered his services to Mr. Courtney, who treated him like part of the family.

That respect was mutual, and to show his appreciation, Mr. Courtney left the bellman an estimated sum of 200 thousand pounds (the approximate equivalent of 5 million pesos). The rest of the staff also commanded that gifts be given to them.

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Taskin Dasdan on Facebook

Terry Aplin, a close friend of Mr Courtney, said Mr Courtney regretted never having children with his wife, who died 10 years earlier after 50 years of marriage. He claimed that Mr. Courtney lived the last years of his life to the fullest, visiting Turkey three times a year.

“Every time I went to Turkey, he was like part of the family. He had no children of his own and was called godfather. They would give him a plaque with his name on it.”

When the English tourist made his reservation at the KoruMar, the staff always presented him with the same room, known among the workers as ‘Charlie’s room’. “They treated him like royalty,” said Mr. Aplin. He added:

“The bellhop to whom they have left their money was like the son they never had. He would be invited to dinner at his house to meet his wife and children.”

Taskin, the bellman, already knew that ‘Charlie’ was generous, because previously he had already given him money to pay for his children’s studies, even so, it was a surprise when one day he received a call from the United Kingdom to let him know that his name It was in Mr Courtney’s will.

Although the exact amount of the inheritance was never made public, it was said that it was enough so that the Turkish bellhop would not need to go back to work. However, Taskin said that he loved his work so much that he plans to continue working.

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