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Baltic vacation: tourists want to chill on the beach – then there is a nasty surprise

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Better to fly away or vacation at home Baltic Sea or North Sea? The corona virus has really messed up the Germans’ vacation plans. Many are unsure. After all, a travel warning applies to some popular holiday destinations abroad, while one’s own coast can be booked relatively safely.

Long-distance travel is not an option for many because of the Corona crisis this year. One or the other chooses one instead vacation at home, for example on the Baltic Sea. But one or the other may have received a shock when visiting the sea.

Baltic Sea vacation: Tourists storm the beaches

After the summer holidays have already started in several federal states and the weather is fine, tourists want to go to the beach.

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If not to the Mediterranean this year then at least one vacation to the Baltic Sea! The main thing is lying in the sand, sunbathing, digging your feet deep and simply listening to the sound of the sea.

Vacation spots thwart tourists

That’s what many tourists thought last Saturday, as reported by our partner portal MOIN.DE.

Two places promptly reacted to the crowds of guests and thwarted the tourists. They quickly closed the beaches. You can find out which places these are and what tourists can expect on the Baltic Sea here on MOIN.DE.


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This is the Baltic Sea:

  • also called the Baltic Sea
  • the Baltic Sea is the second largest sea of ​​brackish water on earth
  • the area is 377,000 square kilometers
  • it is up to 459 meters deep


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