Tournaisian singer Elia Rose on stage at the Botanique, in Brussels, on December 12 (videos) (Brussels)

Elia’s latest single, Tokyo, will officially be released a few days before the December 12 concert at the Botanique. What a long way since his stint in The Voice in 2013 …


Tokyo, the 7th single from Tournai singer Elia Rose is released on December 3. A few days later, on the 12th, she will be on stage at the Botanique, in Brussels.

“Lhe concert planned at the Botanique has already been postponed four times because of the health crisis, deplores Tournai singer Elia Rose, alias Elia Fragione. Also, I am really impatient to finally be able to meet the public there on December 12th. I will be on stage at the Rotonde with my 4 musicians: Lorenzo di Maio, on guitar, Jacques Pili, on bass, Cedric Raymond, on keyboard and Santo Scinta on drums … “

Without forgetting her faithful companion: the keytar, a synthesizer carried like a guitar, which she completely revamped during confinement. Her Brussels concert will give Elia the opportunity to perform her various songs, most of which are inspired by her “popetic” universe, both pop and poetic. A style that happily nods to the 80s with this slightly Kitsch side that also forges the charm of the young Tournaisienne. Among the titles that Elia will perform in the capital, is the one that can be found on her 7th single, the official release of which is scheduled for December 3: “Tokyo”.

This one was produced by Cédric Raymond, Greg and Mika Chainis, musical producers of The Voice, Alice on the Roof, Axelle Red, Greg Houben…,

Musically, we get closer to the universe of Sky (Editor’s note: his 2nd single released in 2020), always with a very personal touch tinged with self-mockery, specifies the singer. I imagine myself being a star in this country, Japan, which I have always wanted to discover … ”

Tournai singer Elia Rose on stage at the Botanique, in Brussels, on December 12 (videos)

During confinement, Elia gave a new look to his legendary instrument: the keytar, a kind of synth-guitar.


A title which will lead him, who knows ?, to fly soon to the land of the rising sun. In the meantime, it is in the capital that she will offer her concert which, without counting the reminders of course, should delight the ears of the public for a good hour and a half.

Confined but not inactive …

If Elia and her musician friends had to deal with the constraints imposed in the context of the fight against the pandemic, the singer did not remain inactive for all that.

It was also noticed at the Belgofolies de Spa as well as at the “Bulle d’Ere” festival, in 2021 a Light event which replaced the traditional “Legend’Ere” festival, redesigned because of … Covid.

What we love about Elia: its generosity, its sincerity, its madness and its creativity. These qualities have earned it the support of Proximus, which broadcast its music all summer on the new Pickx + channel.

The EP discreetly released in May will be celebrated in…. December

The concert at the Botanique will also give Elia the opportunity to celebrate, with the musicians and her audience, the release (in May 2021) of her EP “Love is All I Need”.

An “Extended Play” of six tracks which prefigure a future album. But that is another story that we will have the opportunity to come back to at the appropriate time …

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