Towards a 2nd health center at Les Herbiers

The Avicenna medical center which accommodates health professionals, rue Raymond Kopa near the rescue center has been put up for sale by SCI Rabelais.

« We seized this opportunity (750,000 €) », Says Véronique Besse, mayor of Les Herbiers, “Because this will allow us to develop a new health center, ideally located south of Les Herbiers », She specifies during the City Council this Monday, September 27 in the council room of the town hall of Les Herbiers.

« We will redesign the premises with the help of the five professionals who are already working there “, Continues the mayor who announces, moreover, that at the Pôle santé Notre-Dame,” the radiologists have applied for the building permit. The gynecologists will also follow, making it possible to free up premises ».

“Regarding the new doctor who arrived at Les Herbiers a few weeks ago “, Continues Véronique Besse,” it is a young person who has just settled down. We called one by one the Herbretais who had let us know that they did not have a doctor to warn them. ».

And the mayor of Les Herbiers continued: “ this arrival is therefore very good news, but it is not enough. We are therefore going to do our utmost to attract new doctors, but I strongly believe in existing doctors who recruit interns, who can then settle with us. ».

Next municipal council on Monday December 13 at 6.30 p.m.

The other deliberations in brief …

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