Towards a national tribute to Johnny Hallyday

Towards a national tribute to Johnny Hallyday


L es Champs-Elysees to Johnny Hallyday ? After the many tributes and unanimous Wednesday following the announcement of the death of the star, the time is now to preparations for a farewell ceremony to the height of the one that the president Macron has called “French heroes”.

This ceremony, the details of which are expected on Thursday, could take place Saturday in Paris, according to several media outlets. in Le Parisien evokes the scenario of a funeral procession, who descended the Champs-Elysées before a ceremony at the Church of the Madeleine.

Producer of the singer from 1982 to 2010, Jean-Claude Camus evoked as early as Wednesday, a descent of the Champs-Elysees : “It is the dream of Laeticia (the wife of Johnny). It is mine too. I think he has a right to it, and it will allow the public to make him one last goodbye. (…) We can put a lot of people on the Champs-Élysées in winter,” he said.

“I would like a national tribute, it would be a mistake not to do so because it is the last,” assured the actress Muriel Robin, close to Hallyday. The minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen has pleaded publicly for the organization of a national tribute in honor of the star.

In the presence of the head of State

Linking the disappearances, at 24 hours interval, the academician Jean d’ormesson and the rocker’s favorite French, Ms. Nyssen has explained that these two personalities “are really key characters in our universe, in our imagination”. A national tribute, chaired by the president Macron is scheduled for Friday at the Invalides for Jean d’ormesson.

The disappearance of a personality as popular as the interpreter of “I love you”, “something of Tennessee” or “Light the fire”, poses significant problems of logistics and security, the fans expected many.

Since the announcement of the death of the singer, tributes have multiplied, coming from all sides. The wife of the head of State, Brigitte Macron went to gather Wednesday at the home of Hallyday at Marnes-la-Coquette (Yvelines). The Élysée wants to do nothing without the agreement of the family of the idol, but the head of State and his wife have planned to go to the funeral.


waiting for the last goodbye to Johnny, the fans of the rocker are invited this Thursday evening at the first of the two night prayers organized by father Luc Reydel, chaplain of the show, “for Johnny, Laeticia and its relatives,” in the church of Saint-Roch, the parish of parisian artists. The second is scheduled for Sunday.

radio and television stations have changed their programs all day Wednesday including evening, a program of tribute in live of the singer led by “his friend of 50 years”, Michel Drucker. In a setting of extreme sobriety, the host star of the public television, moved for two hours, has told anecdotes shared with the singer before ending the show in tears.

fans of Johnny will also be able to discover this evening on France 2, a documentary unpublished, in which the singer tells his story during an interview last April, after the announcement of his illness. “Fire Johnny” (Liberation), the “national treasure” (Le Figaro), “a French passion” (Humanity) : the press of Thursday, is in unison with the rain of tributes that has swept the country.

Johnny Hallyday is dead at 74 years of age, died of cancer of the lung. He had even announced his illness to his fans in march. The singer more than 100 million records sold and ten Victories of the music, called to eternity, “the idol of young people”, fought until the end.

He was still up on stage, in June and July, with Jacques Dutronc and Eddy Mitchell for the tour of the “Old Bitches”, where he seemed to be focused by the energy of his audience. This “stage beast”, which has completed 57 years of career all the more great places of france, the Stade de France at the Field of Mars, was also working on a new album.

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