Towards an agreement on the distribution of the “108 hours”

Tahiti, November 24, 2022 – A little more than 300 teachers participated, Thursday in Papeete, in the strike initiated by the STIP / AEP – UNSA Education. Main demand of the unions: the next reform of the school rhythm and the implementation in particular of the “108 hours” outside classes. Following negotiations, the Ministry of Education and trade unionists signed a memorandum of understanding with a review clause on 7 December.

They were a little more than 300 teachers, staff and psychologists of the 1st degree to take part, this Thursday in Papeete, in the strike movement initiated by the STIP / AEP – UNSA Education. These deniers gathered first on the Pouvana’a square in O’opa before setting off their procession, heading for the rue du General de Gaulle at the Ministry of Education, where a meeting was planned with Christelle Lehartel.

At the heart of the unions’ demands, the next reform of the school rhythm planned by the Ministry of Education for the start of the school year in August 2023, with the implementation of the “108 hours” outside classes. It should be remembered that teachers must provide 24 hours of teaching per week to their students, to which are added 108 hours a year divided between APCs, training hours, school councils and pedagogical work.

But information leaked at the end of last week from the Ministry of Education on the distribution of these 108 hours. And trade unionists point in particular to the “distribution of hourly volumetry” with 54 hours devoted solely to educational and cultural activities (AEC) for students. The rest of the time is shared between training (16 hours), mandatory meetings (26 hours) or even time for “co-education”.

The teachers, for their part, wanted a more equitable distribution of this volume of 108 hours: a maximum of 36 hours devoted to training, “for better support for our students and more success”; 36 hours for AEC; and the remaining 36 hours for mandatory meetings with parents.

“Intelligent discussions”

After just over an hour and a half of discussion between the ministry and the trade unionists, the parties agreed on a memorandum of understanding. “We obtained a minimum AEC of 36 hours, which we wanted. A maximum of 36 hours of training, so that’s fine with us too. And then the 36 hours of mandatory meeting with the parents, that suits us too”, indicated the general secretary of the STIP/AEP, Diana Yien Kow. “On these points we agreed with the ministry, which listened attentively. Everything is written in the memorandum of understanding that we signed today so for me it’s done.

On the side of Christelle Lehartel, we emphasize “discussions carried out in all intelligence”. The Minister of Education also clarified that the draft decree for the reform of the school rhythm had not yet been approved, but that she wanted to return it to the services of the State before the December holidays. “We all agreed that teachers should have time for their training. They need more time for co-education and partnership with the parents of students because they too have insisted on having their place in the school”, conceded Christelle Lehartel.

A joint technical committee (CTP) must still be held on December 7 to allow teachers and the ministry to finally agree.