The deputies restored, in commission of the laws, the project of reform of justice of Nicole Belloubet which provokes the anger of the lawyers.

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Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet, October 24, 2018 at the National Assembly.

Urged to join their constituency, the deputies of the commission of the laws hastily buckled, Friday, November 9 in the evening, the examination of the two bills of reform of justice after four days of debates and more a thousand amendments. Both a five-year budgeting law and an all-round reform of justice (criminal and civil procedures, territorial organization, scale of penalties and construction of prisons), these technical texts will be discussed in session at the Palais Bourbon from 19 November.

To see the constructive character of the exchanges between the elected officials of the majority and the opposition and the custody of the seals, Nicole Belloubet, one could ask if it was the same reform which causes the call of alarm of the lawyers . Very mobilized at the beginning of the year, the professional organizations of the lawyers call, with the Union of the magistrature, to a new demonstration on November 15 before the National Assembly on the theme of the equal access to the justice and the protection of the rights and freedoms.

While the Senate has, during the vote of the first reading reform on October 23, lodged certain provisions strengthening the powers of the police and prosecutors, the commission of laws chaired by Yael Braun-Pivet (The Republic on the move) has largely restored the original version of the government. As the extension of the use of special investigation techniques that are wiretapping and geolocation during flagrancy surveys. The Senate limited it to crimes and offenses punishable by imprisonment for five years or more. A government amendment voted by the deputies reduced this threshold to offenses punishable by at least three years.

These special investigative techniques requested by the prosecutor's office must first be authorized by the liberty and detention judge. What makes the Minister of Justice say that "The balance between efficiency …


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