Towards the end of the "dictatorship of like"?


Instagram illustration – Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / SIPA

This may be the end of the Instagram like race. In recent days, the social network is testing a new way to display the likes "I like" under the photos published by its users, as noted by the blogger Jane Manchun Wong.

Today, the number of likes appears directly under each photo. Instagram would like to hide this figure.

Additional manipulation to access the "likes"

Only the person who posted a photo could then see the number of likes she has received, indicates The Verge. For now, this new feature is in the test phase, but it could be generalized to all users. It aims to reduce the competitive spirit and
the dependence of some Instagrameurs, advance the social network.

It would be a revolution for Facebook's social network. Today, the popularity of photos is essentially based on the number of "likes".

The race for "likes", a factor of depression among young people

"We want your subscribers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts have," said Jane Manchun Wong's Instagram app.

In 2017, a British study by the Royal Society for Public Health pointed to the negative impact of the "dictatorship of like" on the mental health of Internet users, especially among young people. According to this survey, 12-24 year olds who regularly use Instagram and Snapchat are four times more likely to experience depression than other young people their age.


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