town planning and security are debated in the municipal council

A new program of 148 housing units will soon see the light of day in Dijon. It will be located avenue du Drapeau (77 bis – 79 bis), on the edge of the municipal public park. To allow its realization – and in particular the development of a rectilinear property line – the elected officials of the municipal council voted on Monday evening by a large majority in favor of an exchange of land rights of way with the SCCV Parc Drapeau, which bears the real estate program.

On this occasion, Pierre Pribetich, deputy mayor in charge of town planning (PS), declared that it was essential to continue the construction of housing in the city: “The right to housing is part of social rights, it is is even a constitutional right […] During the last six months, the price per square meter of apartments has increased by 6% and that of houses by 17%! If we want to avoid making our city inaccessible, we must continue to produce quality and diverse housing ”.

“If we could also promote the quality of …