Toyo will represent Germany’s new crown vaccine share price to reach a new high in 3 months | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Toyo (4105-TW) announced this week that it has obtained 30 million doses of the new crown pneumonia vaccine from the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech. The first batch of 10 million doses is expected to arrive in the first quarter of next year, which can supply about 5 million people. Lido encouraged the stock price to pull two daily limit, and write a new high in the past three months, with a weekly increase of 19%.

The new crown vaccine developed by the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech is expected to complete clinical trials of more than 40,000 new crowns by the end of this month. It has the opportunity to become the fastest marketed new crown vaccine in the world and has signed supply contracts with the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and the European Union. Start to schedule vaccine production.

Although Toyo is striving for a maximum of 30 million doses of vaccines this time, Toyo acts as a bridge between BioNTech and the Taiwanese government, and will discuss procurement volume with the government in the future. It is expected to complete orders and pricing with BioNTech before the end of this month.

It is understood that the German pharmaceutical company has seen Dongyang’s three advantages, including experience in the government bidding for influenza vaccine at public expense, proposing a complete cold chain logistics and distribution plan, and past experience in agent drug safety testing (PV), so it indirectly contacted Dongyang and It took about half a year to complete the authorization case. After Taiwan has become Japan, it will become the only second country in Asia to supply new crown vaccines.

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