Toyota GR-4 Yaris: Champion Wood


The next November 17 in Australia, coinciding with the closing of the 2019 World Rally Championship, Toyota will show the world the most radical variant of its new Yaris or what is the same, the successor of the world champion car of this season

How could it be otherwise, the expectation is maximum but for now, the official information is limited to the image that we attach and also to a denomination of those who put long teeth: Toyota GR-4 Yaris.

Playing mystery

It is understood that we are facing a Yaris with all-wheel drive and the photo also shows a really impressive specific aerodynamic kit and yes, both tracks lead us to think that what you are seeing is the car with which Toyota will try to revalidate the world title of Ott Tanak, with the Estonian out of the team, yes.

In any case, the new Yaris will also feature street sports versions, well staggered at different power levels. The entry will have the signature of GR Sport, the most performance will be the GRMN that – remember – in the previous generation of this model already reached 212 horses while this GR-4 would be above both. The big question lies in knowing if its use will be limited to the sections of the World Cup or if, on the contrary, there will be a limited series, also approved for roads.

For now, what we can confirm is that the brand will show its Toyota Yaris WRC 2020 very soon and that a little later it will announce a very racing Yaris but intended for the final customer. And is that our spies, already took care of 'hunt' in Nürburgring last spring.


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