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Until now, Toyota has not dealt with pure electric cars, preferring hybrids and hydrogen cars. But now everything has changed: in the summer a large-scale plan of attack on the electric front was announced, which provides for the speedy development of several battery cars of different classes, including crossovers. But the breakdown of the pen will not be at all. Toyota opted for vehicles as the first step in electrification to provide mobility for Japan's aging population. The company will show these cars at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The central place of the electric exposition will be occupied by Toyota Ultra-compact BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) – a microcar with four wheels and a two-seater saloon, ready for mass production. In terms of length (2490 mm) and height (1550 mm), such Toyota almost repeats smart of the first generation of the nineties, but the Japanese car is noticeably inferior in width: only 1290 mm versus 1510 for smart.

The electric car has simple seats, manually lowered sections of the side windows and a minimum of equipment, and the devices and tablet of the media system are "mixed up" in places. Of the characteristics of Toyota so far, it gives only the maximum speed (60 km / h), mileage on one charge (100 km) and recharge time (five hours from the outlet), and calls excellent maneuverability one of the main advantages. Such an electric car will get on the conveyor at the end of 2020.

The second machine is conditionally called Ultra-compact BEV Concept Model for Business. The black monocoque has the same dimensions as the hatchback, but its purpose is completely different. This is a single mobile office for traveling workers: in the car you can organize a workplace, rest, have a bite and even sleep. Instead of the usual steering wheel, there is a folding steering wheel, but so far this is only a concept car without a fixed deadline for the start of mass production.

But by 2021, Toyota will begin to launch personal mobility products on the market – a three-wheeled electric scooter, a “self-propelled chair” with a wheel and an attached “tractor” for a wheelchair. Such cuttlefish will be able to accelerate to a maximum of 6 km / h (standing option up to 10 km / h), and the range is not more than 20 km.

Toyota says it has already reached an agreement with hundreds of Japanese companies (including state-owned) that are ready to engage in an experiment to introduce electric insects. At the same time, the company is preparing a program for the disposal or reuse of traction batteries (for example, for home drives).

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