Toyota Land Cruiser resale overseas at 7 times the price!Japanese media scared silly: too much

In the absence of chips and the fact that orders have exploded, the prices of popular car models have skyrocketed. Recently, a Japanese car website found that the Toyota Land Cruiser, which was launched last year, appeared on foreign car sales websites. Surprisingly, the website opened The price was as high as 50 million yen! Let the Japanese media scare silly, saying that this price can already buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari supercar.

In the Toyota Land Cruiser released last year, in the case of too many orders, the original factory said that it would take 4 years to deliver the car. (Image credit: Toyota)

The Japanese car website “Creative Trend” observed that the Toyota Land Cruiser, which has to wait 4 years for delivery, appeared on Pakistan’s used car website “”, a top-of-the-line Land Cruiser ZX priced as high as 50 million yen, and This car is only sold for 7.3 million yen on Japan’s official website, which is equivalent to a nearly 7-fold increase in price in Pakistan.

The Pakistani used car website, the Land Cruiser that appeared, is nearly 7 times higher than the Japanese price. (Image source: Taken from

The mileage of this car is only 500 kilometers, and it is marked as a car in 2022. Although the price includes tariffs, etc., “Creative Trend” still thinks this price is too exaggerated, pointing out that the price is “ridiculous” and “a bit excessive” .

At this price, you can already buy a supercar-level Lamborghini Aventador SV, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, or multiple Lexus LX600s.

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