Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Toyota will launch vehicles that communicate with each other in the United States in 2021

The Japanese company expects the other automakers to join this technology.

Monday, April 16, 2018 at 2:32 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) –

Toyota has a plan to sell vehicles that communicate with each other using short-range wireless technology in 2021 to prevent thousands of accidents annually, the automaker announced Monday.
The US Department of Transportation must decide whether to adopt a proposal that will force all future vehicles to have this type of technology.
The Japanese firm expects to adopt the short-range communications system in the US in almost all its models in the mid-2020s.

In December 2016, the government of former President Barack Obama proposed making technology mandatory and giving automakers at least four years to comply. The proposal requires manufacturers to ensure that all vehicles “speak the same language through standard technology”.
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In 2017, General Motors began offering vehicle-to-vehicle technologies in its Cadillac CTS model, but is currently the only commercial vehicle with the system.

The talking vehicles transmit data up to 300 meters, including location, direction and speed, to other nearby vehicles, which can identify risks and issue alerts to avoid imminent collisions, especially at intersections.
Toyota has deployed the technology in Japan in more than 100,000 vehicles since 2015.

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