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Toys "R" us fans are not thrilled with the new Geoffrey Toy Box

Toys "R" Us is now Geoffrey's Toy Box, and fans are already seeing some of the locations that are popping up. Unfortunately, many were not enthusiastic about their debut.

This is mainly due to the size, which is very similar to the toy box part of the new name. Geoffrey's Toy Boxes will be located in other established retail stores under its new intellectual property plan, including some 600 Kroger locations. The fans start to see them rolled out, but as we have seen in several pictures, the presence in the store is not very large and either requires a small cardboard stand or a row of them, but none of the scenarios was what the fans were hoping for when they heard the original premise.

The other sticking point is the selection. In this case, the company was quite open about the selection of the brands offered for launch. In the full Geoffrey's Toy Box press release, they unveiled some of the brands from a portfolio of over 20 brands that would be offered, at least initially. An excerpt from this press release can be found below.

"Geoffrey, LLC will oversee its restructuring of a portfolio of intellectual property including trademarks, e-commerce assets and data related to the Toys' R" Us and Babies "R" US companies in the United States and the United States The portfolio includes a portfolio of more than 20 well-known toy and baby brands such as Imaginarium, Koala Baby, Fastlane and Journey Girls.The reorganized company will own the rights to the brands "Toys" R "Us and Babies" R "Us It will also be the licensor of the brands for the existing network of franchisees operating in countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa, with the exception of Canada. "

Fans of previous Toys "R" Us brackets like WWE, Funko, Marvel and others might disappoint that, but for the moment it looks like there will be a limited choice.

Be sure to hit the next slide to see how the fans react.

Slip 1 from 9Again RIP

Some are ready to bury the former toy giant at the very first glance at Geoffrey's Toy Box.

"Reply @PixelDan RIP again #toysrus"

Slip 2 from 9A little economical
(Photo: Toys)

Many noticed how small the Geoffrey's Toy Bix displays were in the Krogers they had appeared in, and a fan made a perfect match.

"It's true! #Toysrus #toys #GeoffreysBack"

Slip 3 from 9snoozing

Many were excited to see Toys "R" Us return, but it seemed a bit oppressive, much like FAO Schwarz made a similar attempt in the store.

"#ToysRUs & # 39; return looks like the # FAOSblack return on #Kohls. * Snooze *"

Slip 4 from 9A little rough

Some fans are a little under-challenged by the big return and feel a bit rude about the thing as a whole.

"The big return." The whole thing still feels real rough for me. "

Slip 5 from 9From the big box to the small box
Toys-R-Us-Hasbro Mattel
(Photo: Toys)

He's not alone in feeling awful about the whole thing, but some are even saddened when such a large retailer is reduced to small cardboard boxes in other stores.

"It's a whole new level of gross volume, it hurts to see Toys" R "Us reduced to a large cardboard box different Retail chain. 😢 At least we have the good Memories that you can look back on. I think we are fortunate enough to have had such a special experience with TRU in a special way. "

Slip 6 from 9Literally a box

When Toys "R" Us announced it was going to be Geoffrey's Toy Box, no one really expected it to be literally just a box … but at least in some stores.

"Toys R & # 39; us returns as Geoffrey's toy box, which is literally a box https://tformers.com/toys-r-us-returns-as-geoffreys-toy-box-whist-isliteral-a-box / 34343 /news.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter… "

Slip 7 from 9Only certain toys

Some warn that the Toy Box from Geoffrey will not really replace the Toys "R" Us, as it will only be pop-up boxes like those pictured below and will only contain toys reserved for the Toys "R" Us brand only is.

"From a former Staff Toysrus does NOT come back, it's just Pop Up Toys exclusive to the tru Brand only in other stores have no hope of finding wwe Numbers "

Slip 8th from 9Well … there it is
(Photo: Toys R Us)

This suppressed feeling was a bit off, especially when the first photo of the new Geoffrey's Toy Box appeared.

"Well Well People. That's a bit alright. #toysrus "

Slip 9 from 9Only a restart

However, there was a certain positive attitude as a fan confirmed that the launch is not outstanding, but hopefully just the beginning of the good things to come.

"Admittedly terrible, but only the (re) start for both, I think, do not forget that the FAO is getting a new flagship store at the Rockefeller Center this month, and I feel that the TRU brand has even more to offer Has."



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