Since September, nothing is more between TPMP C8 channel and TF1. Cyril Hanouna decided to take action against the controversy.

                Since September, TPMP is in a very bad position against the TF1 channel. Cyril Hanouna decided to make some changes because of the latest controversy around Karine Ferri.
Cyril Hanouna: Still at war against the TF1 channel!
Last September, Cyril Hanouna violently attacked the TF1 channel. The man had learned that Camille Combal, a former columnist of Touche Pas at My Post, was no longer allowed to visit C8. TF1 would have banned the host of Dance with the Stars to make an appearance in TPMP. Cyril Hanouna and the whole team had seen red and they had insulted the leaders of the chain.
TF1 had lodged a complaint against TPMP concerning the remarks Cyril Hanouna had made in a broadcast. The CFS seems to have a lot of work because of the conflict between C8 and TF1. On November 1st, Cyril Hanouna received a press release in which TF1 had once again complained because of the use of Karine Ferri's naked images. The woman kept silent about the use of photos in full broadcast.
Cyril Hanouna: He takes a step to hide the face of Karine Ferri!
Cyril Hanouna decided to express himself and even confided that TF1 wanted to "kill TPMP". The man has taken an important step to protect the image of Karine Ferri to no longer have problems with TF1. The host announced in full broadcast that the face of the woman would be blurred to limit the problems with the first French channel. Of course, he said all this in the tone of humor …
"You noticed, we blurred Karine Ferri since otherwise we will say that we do harassment, so we stop … We do not say anything but we kiss him anyway. " He said.
Suffice to say, the war between TF1 and Touche Pas à Mon Poste is far from over …





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