Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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TPMP: Hapsatou Dryly tackles the production of DALS on the elimination of Vincent Cerutti (video)

For this eighth season of Dance with the Stars, the production of the show has decided to release a five-star cast. For the first time, they chose to involve two candidates in a couple in real life. Happy parents of a young infant, the two personalities of the small screen launched themselves body and soul in this new challenge. Only Vincent Cerutti was released from the first elimination bonus. A difficult moment for the host of TF1, who was also the former presenter of this entertainment show made in TF1. “It gives a lot of direction to the votes, and I do not find it very fair” Guest on the set of Cyril Hanouna this Friday, January 12, Hapsatou Sy, as usual, expressed without a hitch on this complicated moment. “I experienced this, to be very cash, like a humiliation for him, he got involved in this adventure, we’ll talk very frankly, he did not want to do it, the channel told him you’re going to to be able to show something else and that’s great, I think it was not put forward as it should have been put in. When an article the day before its first bonus comes out saying that all production hate him when it’s wrong, that all the teams hate him when he’s wrong, that’s a lot of the votes, and I do not think that’s right, “says the Sunday Terran columnist. By Emilie Roze

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