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Trabzonspor News | Marek Hamsik signed

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A 2-year contract was signed with the 33-year-old football player at the ceremony, which was broadcast live on the YouTube address of the burgundy-blue people, including club president Ahmet Ağaoğlu.

President Ahmet Ağaoğlu, in his statement at the signing ceremony, stated that Hamsik is a player that coach Abdullah Avcı wants to see in the team, and that they have made an important transfer.

Stating that the transfer process was not very difficult, Ağaoğlu said, “He is someone who aims to play football, aims for success and wants to experience the process he lived in Napoli. He got detailed information about Trabzonspor from Kucka. His manager also knew Turkey closely, and his father was a coach for 2 years in Turkey A gentleman who had served in . was adequately informed. It was not difficult for us in this process as he only thought about playing football. He joined our family, we are happy to transfer an important player.‘ he said.

Ağaoğlu stated that the Slovak player also told a large community that he came to the club and that he was aware of this, and said:

“We are a family. Trabzonspor is a club with slightly different characteristics than other clubs in the Super League in terms of its structure. We would like to thank him and his valuable manager and his wife, who helped us a lot in this process. Family is important to us. Our players are our valuables. However, the wives of our football players are our most valuable assets. They became part of an important family. I do not want to say much to him in the process, during the league process to be played. Marek is more conscious than any of us.

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“My transfer process proceeded honestly”

Marek Hamsik, on the other hand, expressed that he was very happy to be in Trabzonspor and said, “Trabzonspor has advanced a very honest process during my transfer process. The whole process proceeded clearly and without any problems. It was the right and best for me. When I joined the European Championship, I should have focused on the national team and then thought about how I could help Trabzonspor and contribute to the team’s success. For me, the transfer process developed quickly and honestly. I hope we will have a happy and wonderful season together.”

Explaining that he was met with the interest of the fans from the first time he came to Trabzon, Hamsik said, “From the first day I came here, I had the opportunity to see people’s passion for football as in Napoli. This is exactly what happens in football. The real passion is to hear the cheers of the fans. I’m sure I will experience that here too. From the first moment I came here, I saw this passion. I can’t wait to hear those cheers from our fans at the stadium.”

After Ağaoğlu stated that they aim to sell 300 thousand jerseys this season and that their transfers this season promised to buy 5 thousand jerseys, Hamsik said, “I would be happy to get a jersey too. I hope our fans will also receive this message. If I contribute to reaching this figure, if we see our supporters in Hamsik jerseys on the streets of the city, I would be honored.” he said.

Upon this, President Ağaoğlu said that the Slovak player is the ambassador of the jersey this season.

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