Trade: Sino-US negotiations with uncertain outcome


Washington – The United States and China resume Friday their delicate trade negotiations after contrasting signals from Donald Trump, less than a week of possible US sanctions on goods from the Asian giant.

Thursday, ” US officials have expressed (to the Chinese) the clear goal of the president for a fair trade relationship with China “, said in a statement the White House. American and Chinese negotiators attended a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House “and” the two sides will continue discussions Friday “, according to the text. Trump had previously tweeted a picture of him smiling at Vice Premier Liu He after meeting in Washington, with a cryptic comment: ” Trade discussions with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of China “. Shortly before the meeting, however, he had expressed his pessimism about the outcome of the talks, saying he had ” tendency to doubt “that there may be an agreement with Beijing on their trade dispute.” And the reason I doubt is that China has been too spoiled. Because (the Chinese) have always had 100% of what they wanted from the United States “, he argued. The meeting with the top Chinese official, a close associate of President Xi Jinping, was initially not on Donald Trump’s agenda. ” This means that there is great interest in pursuing negotiations and trying to reach solutions to unfair and illegal trade practices said his economic adviser Larry Kudlow. That’s what we want “. – ‘False rumors’ – According to the New York Times, Beijing would be willing to make major concessions but nothing has filtered Thursday exchanges between the President and Liu He, or those with US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin. In particular, the White House demands that Beijing cut $ 200 billion of the US trade deficit with China by 2020 – reaching 375 billion in 2017. The Bloomberg financial agency, quoting a member of the Trump team, assured that China has offered this week to reduce its surplus with the United States to the tune of 200 billion. But the Chinese Foreign Ministry denied Friday ” false rumors “, through spokesman Lu Kang, who added that the talks with the United States were” constructive “. Donald Trump, who keeps denouncing business practices ” unfair “Asian giant, estimated Thursday that the trade was” a one-way street “with its trading partners. Already taxed 25% on its steel exports to the United States and 10% on aluminum, China is also threatened with new taxes on $ 50 billion worth of goods to offset what Washington considers intellectual property theft at the expense of US companies. – Pork and soy – A deadline for consultation on the list of Chinese products that would be affected by these new US measures is due to expire Tuesday. If no compromise is found by then, this new threat would be implemented. For its part, China has threatened the threat of retaliation on US goods to 50 billion dollars. She warned that she would respond word for word to US retaliation. In particular, Beijing has a focus on agricultural products, including soybeans, which are highly dependent on the Chinese market and whose states of production are favorable to the Republican president. US pork and cars manufactured in the United States are also in the sights of Chinese customs, which announced a strengthening of inspections on these products. By contrast, China announced Friday that it was lifting an anti-dumping measure taken in April against imports of US sorghum. A gesture of potential goodwill towards the United States, but the spokesman of the Chinese diplomacy called not to draw hasty conclusions.


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