Traders Become Suspects After Being Stabbed by Thugs, Kompolnas Reminds Perkap of Handling Crimes

Daily Chairman of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) Benny Mamoto (Source:

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The North Sumatra Police have stopped investigating the case of the beating of a vegetable vendor at Pringgan Market, Medan with the suspect BA.

The termination of this investigation also made BA’s suspect status revoked. BA, who is a vegetable trader at Pringgan Market, was named a suspect despite being stabbed by a market thug with the initials BS.

BS also reported the beating by BA. BA was beaten because he did not accept being asked for money by BS.

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The Daily Chief of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) Benny Mamoto appreciated the North Sumatra Police Chief’s quick steps in resolving the case.

Benny also reminded that investigations and investigations into the handling of criminal acts have rules. One of the regulations of the Chief of Police.

In the Head of Police Regulation there are rules on how to handle criminal acts until they are determined as suspects.

“So it’s not as long as it is accepted and named a suspect. Raising it up to the investigation and then determining the suspect there is a procedure that is taken. And this is what the North Sumatra Police Chief highlighted is a procedural deviation,” said Benny when contacted on the Sapa Indonesia Night program KOMPAS TV, Saturday (30/10/ 2021).

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On the other hand, Benny assessed that the reports of victims and suspected perpetrators were received because the police could not reject the public’s reports.