Traditional Chinese medicine spreads in Cuba

Traditional Chinese medicine is expanding in Cuba, through multiple events and the Cuban health system itself, said the president of the Cuban Society of Bioenergetic and Naturalist Medicine, Evelyn González.

On this point, he pointed out that “we are taking steps to improve relations between the different academic centers that investigate traditional Chinese medicine.”

In recent days, Cuba held a traditional Chinese medicine fair at the University of Havana, coinciding with the Chinese Culture Week at the academic institution, an event organized by the Confucius Institute and whose purpose was to spread among the university community and the population knowledge about China’s contribution to world science and culture.

The head of the Department of Natural and Traditional Medicine of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, Johann Perdomo, said that taking into account the traditional diagnosis of Chinese medicine, there are projects to integrate substances and foods available on the island to improve the health of Cubans. Cubans.

“From traditional Chinese medicine we apply acupuncture and all its techniques, as well as traditional therapeutic exercises, the elements of naturopathic nutritional food and the use of medicinal plants, although in Cuba we do not have all of them,” he said.

For his part, one of the many attendees, the Sociology student at the University of Havana, Osbel Lambert, said that China is a country with a great culture that arouses the attention of millions of people in the world.

“Over time, China has gained high recognition globally in different fields. I am motivated to have come here to learn about traditional Chinese medicine,” he added, reported Xinhua.

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