The group, led by the Netherlands, Chile and New Zealand, wrote in the letter – reported by Reuters: “We have to end the age of fossil fuels, we have to phase out fossil fuels. We ask you to take a leading role for the sake of the common cause in reaching an agreement on this at COP28” – referring to the UN climate summit starting on November 30 in Dubai.

Many countries, including the European Union member countries, hope that all participants in this year’s UN climate change conference (COP28) will agree that the consumption of fossil fuels and fuels must be ended, because it is the main responsible for climate change affecting the entire world. However, several countries have previously indicated that they would like to continue to allow the use of these materials.

At last year’s climate summit held in Sarm-es-Sheikh, due to the opposition of countries rich in oil and gas, no agreement was reached on the phase-out of traditional fuels.

According to the seven countries that drafted the current open letter, the G7 should also support efforts aimed at developing new global goals for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The energy, climate and environment ministers of the G7 member countries pledged last month to accelerate the phase-out of conventional fuels and fuels in all sectors.

This month, the president of COP28, to be organized in the United Arab Emirates, Sultan Al-Jaber, asked the governments of the world to “focus on phasing out fossil fuel emissions”.

This may allow the countries concerned to temporarily continue using fossil fuels while using special technologies to destroy the carbon dioxide produced by their combustion.