Traditional sailing: First race for “Mix-Cité 2”

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This Sunday was marked by the holding of the Grand Prix du Nord Basse-Terre won by Hugo Thélier who won with “Rafale 2” at the end of the two rounds. He is ahead of Marcellin Wilbon and Steven Foy A regatta which recorded the presence of a new canoe among the 22 competitors. It’s called “Mix-Cité 2” and it’s the brand new boat to come out of Alain Foy’s shipyard in Les Saintes. And already, he intends to hold his place in the world of traditional Guadeloupe sailing

“Mix-cité 2” is therefore a new canoe in the traditional Guadeloupe fleet. Sponsored by Julien Citadelle, it is above all part of an integration process, particularly aimed at young people. The operation is also sponsored by the Judicial Protection of Youth, the PJJ.
It was she who wanted that by this involvement in traditional sailing, the young people entrusted to her can project themselves into another dimension and through this, that they find their marks in society.

This shows how much this first challenge for “Mix-Cité 2” was close to their hearts.

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