Traffic at Toulouse-Blagnac airport has not yet returned to its pre-Covid level – Le Journal des Entreprises

Traffic at Toulouse-Blagnac airport in the 1st quarter was 57% of that of 2019 (1,231,077 commercial passengers). Travel constraints linked to the health situation once again increased the share of national trips in total traffic: nearly two-thirds (61.5%) of trips were made in France (+7.2 points compared to the 1st quarter of 2019). The busiest line, Toulouse – Paris-Orly with its 355,880 passengers (61.3% of Q1 2019), carried more than a quarter of the platform’s traffic. In the regions, traffic amounted to 64.7% of Q1 2019 (234,784 passengers). Low-cost airlines achieved identical performances to 2019. Lyon, Nantes and Lille are the three most frequented destinations. International traffic saw a marked improvement at the end of the quarter, as soon as the sanitary measures were relaxed. It constitutes 38.5% of the total traffic. In Europe, Brussels was the main destination.